30/10: Tuscan Milk - almost 800 reviews.

A gallon of milk... sold on Amazon... almost 800 reviews! Check it out.

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30/10: 13 year old tries to steal account information over MSN

MSN Conversation:
br0kenrabbit says:

Greg_ValveOLS says:
good evening

br0kenrabbit says:
What's ip?

br0kenrabbit says:

Greg_ValveOLS says:
my name is greg a member of the valve online Support team

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25/10: The PlayStation 3: 24 things you need to know

By Gamepro Staff, GamePro

With all the hoopla and wahoo about Sony’s Playstation 3 getting passed around like a hot potato, it can be difficult to keep things in perspective. It’s also easy for little details to get lost in the shuffle. Have no fear, though, because GamePro is to the rescue with a handy cheat sheet of little known facts and new information about Sony’s Cadillac of a console. Can you dig it?

Touch-sensitive power and eject buttons are a nice touch — literally

The eject and power on buttons on the face of the PS3 are touch sensitive, not unlike the iPod’s wheel or the Chocolate phone’s softkeys. It’s a nice, classy addition that helps give the PS3 a more cutting-edge look and feel, especially compared to the somewhat clunky “clicky” Xbox 360 power and eject buttons. A small detail, perhaps, but on worth noting.

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25/10: Very safe dress...

I'm not sure what Ashak was searching for, but he came across this picture. Could be a nice halloween costume... For a guy, it'll show that he's protected. For a girl, it'll show that she really wants some!

In any case, if you're looking for a safe dress... check this out. >> Click to view pic.
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25/10: Principal suspended for giving a wedgie to a student.

Livingston principal returns after suspension for giving student a “wedgie”

LIVINGSTON (AP) — The principal of Park High School returned to school Tuesday after a six-day suspension for giving a student a “wedgie.”

The Livingston School District Board held a special meeting Monday and approved Superintendent Hannibal Anderson’s recommendation that Principal Eric be allowed to return to work.

“It has been clearly recognized and stated that the behavior is inappropriate, unprofessional and unacceptable,” Anderson said.

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25/10: Freaky expression.

This is definitely the expression a little girl should have when mommy is making her a sandwich. Click here to see the picture!
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