07/12: Spinning left or Right?

When you look at the animated picture above---depending on how you look at her, she will either be spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. Once you decide on the direction, you will not believe that it is possible for your mind to see this image rotating any other way.  This is the main idea behind a silhouette illusion.  The ambiguity can play tricks on our minds.

Though it'll be difficult, try to see her rotate in the opposite direction.  You may need to focus on her reflection and work your way up.  Moving your focus to the main silhouette may cause it to rotate in the opposite direction.  Keep in mind that if you see her spinning clockwise then it is her right leg and arm that is up in the air, but if you see her spinning counter-clockwise then it is her left leg and arm that are up in the air.

Have difficulty seeing her spin in the opposite direction? Focus.. it's definitely possible!