June 05, 2007: 10 intereesting sights in Google Street View...

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Drive around America's biggest cities in a black VW Beetle with a huge panoramic camera bolted to the roof, and you're sure to see something unusual along the way...

The Google Street View camera van captured all kinds of street life - now bloggers are hunting for the most entertaining sights - like these two distracted men in San Francisco

Google's magic van has captured some very interesting scenes as it journeyed through the streets. But in the days since the service was launched, numerous interesting sights have been spotted.

1. Someone apparently climbing over a fence in San Francisco

2. Borat peeking out of a window in San Jose, California

3. The already infamous 'Hot Babes' poster van driving alongside the Google truck in Las Vegas

4. A girl bending over, and two guys watching her...

5. Ambulance driver stops for a sandwich

6. A canine disagreement

7. Strange, headless figures next to what looks like a newly dug grave

8. Giant robot attack

9. The alien invasion begins

10 The moment when the Google van stopped for lunch, and the road takes a detour in the McDonald's car park

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