February 10, 2007: Poem | She is Herself

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She sits

She stares

She looks at everyone, everything, anything,

She can't help but be like everything

She is self-contained, self-restrained, self-conscious,

She is wary

She wants to let go, of her inhibitions, limitations, expectations

She wants

She needs

She fills the room, a girl among many

She whispers, why now, why me

She sees nothing in herself that she doesn't see in others

She is a part of a cohesive whole

She looks about

She wonders       

She realizes

She's an artist, a realist, a pessimist, an intellectual, a relationship seeker, a sensitive soul

She is, she can, she will be anything,

She is shaped by everything, but ruled by nothing

She is, herself

She is, herself

She, like so many, walk the earth

She, like so many, live a privileged life

She could have lived a different life

She could have been anything-a weeping willow, a souring snowflake, a daring dog, a confident cat, but

She wasn't

She is a person, a woman, an impressionable being

She lives a life of twists and turns, bends and hurdles,

She's had her hopes crushed, sprit lifted, dreams re-awaked

She feels, needs, yearns,

She is important

She is unique

She is herself.

By Remi Friedman

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