July 03, 2007: Why go Rock climbing?

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When you utter the phrase, the first thing that most people will ask you is, Are you nuts? That is just too dangerous. They are right. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport, but when in done according to certain criteria and adhering to the protocols, it is one of the safest sports. Dont let these comments forbid your aspirations, because once you get started, you will know why it is one of the most addictive sport.

Some plausible explanation and rationale are:

Ultimate Physical challenge:

Every route presents numerous challenges and opportunities to the climber. It serves you the opportunity to extend beyond your own self and attain which seems inconceivable earlier. One learns to accept certain rough appropriately blended with the smooth and the ability to rise when the chips are down, push further. Depending on your own physical ability and risk acceptance, one will learn that no grade of climbing is tough enough.

Adventure and Freedom:

Thrill and adrenaline rush are the terms any layman associate with climbing. A sense of adventure and achievement is always tagged with it. The feeling of self and inner core satisfaction is beyond words to explain.

Beautiful nature and scenic:

Being one with nature is a deprivation for the urban dwellers and a sport such as climbing which urges one to explore new routes and find new sites will invariably lead one to discover new places and be one with nature. No other Olympic sport provides you with this opportunity. Flora and fauna enthusiasts and also herpetologists, entomologists, botanist and outdoor enthusiasts are adequately served with even opportunities to enjoy and explore their respective domains.

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