July 25, 2007: How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

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Unfortunately, the Sunday Night Blues are not a band. Rather, it's the feeling of the workweek looming large, casting a shadow on the remainder of the weekend. It starts with your stomach sinking and then anxiety builds like an out-of-control freight train. Thank God It's Sunday (TGIS) is something you'll never hear.

Even those happy at work get caught up in the end-of-the-weekend doldrums. We are all so busy living 24-hours ahead of ourselves that some people are even hit with the Sunday Night Blues as early as Saturday night!

While this illness knows no cure, here are a dozen things you can do to put the SNB's into remission.

Dirty Work Friday. It's so easy to put things off for the next week - but the earlier you deal with pain - the less painful it is. Tie up any loose or annoying ends on Friday so you dont have to give it a second's thought over the weekend.

Bake a Cake. I'm not kidding. Not only will you keep yourself busy, but you will have something to look forward to the next day.

Schedule Depression. If you gotta let it out - schedule it - and don't sweat it a second more.

Fake Yourself Out. Tell yourself you'll call in sick. The anticipation of not being there is sometimes enough to get you through.

Plan Your Escape. Update your resume, apply for jobs, enroll in enrichment classes, etc. Do something productive that makes you feel less trapped in the 9-to-5 follies.

Monday Is The End. Do not view Monday as the beginning, rather the end. This one is all a state of mind. Sure Tuesday becomes the new Monday... but it could work for a few weeks!

Funnest Weekend Ever. The more fun you squeeze out of your weekend, the more satisfied you'll feel - and the more you will look forward to the next weekend. An unproductive, boring weekend is a great way to double the effects of this crippling illness.

Fantasy Time. The goal is to lose yourself somewhere else. Distract your mind so that you don't have too much time for nasty anticipatory thoughts. Watch a movie, read a book, etc.

Make Plans. I often find myself saying that I just want to "relax" on Sunday night and prepare for the week. However, keeping yourself occupied gives you less time to sweat the small stuff - and the company of others is a great antidote.

Too Much Sleep. If you're over-rested, you will have trouble sleeping on Sunday night. Be careful not to sleep too much on Saturday night. The SNB's love nothing more then keeping you awake and having you start the week nice and tired - don't give them an excuse.

No Snowballing. It starts by you complaining about something someone said 4 days ago. Next thing you know you're telling everyone in earshot that you don't need this stinkin' job. Let sleeping dogs lie and don't compound your problems.

Bottoms Up. Sunday nights are prime for a drink. We don't condone excessive use, but a few sips of wine could be the difference between a full-blown SNB attack and just a tremor.

We've all suffered from the Sunday Night Blues for too long! Share your tactics and let's make Sunday night the new Friday night!


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