July 29, 2007: Guinness Book of Records is impressed too easily...

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I've seen some pretty crazy things that people do to get on the Guinness Book of Records. 
Some were very impressive while others were so so.  But some of the new records being broken
are retarded!  For example, check out this record-breaking phenomenon... Ghopal makes it in
the books by being a lazy ass... though he doesn't look very impressed in his picture! 


B.D. Tyagi or Bhopal, India seems to have impressed the
Guinness Book of Records people and has been given the
official certificate saying he's got the world's longest ear hair.
It measures 4 inches ( at it's longest point. I hope he
isn't thinking of growing it long enough to do a "comb over",
because that would really look phony, and people might talk
about him.

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