October 11, 2007: Family Day To Be Celebrated Every Third Monday Of February

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QUEEN'S PARK - Premier Dalton McGuinty got back to work today on behalf of hard-working Ontario families by confirming that he would create a new statutory holiday this February called Family Day.

"There is nothing more valuable to families than time together. And yet it seems tougher than ever to find, with so many of us living such busy lives," McGuinty said.

"That's why, on the third Monday of this coming February - and every February from now on - Ontarians deserve a new statutory holiday - Family Day."

Adding Family Day to the calendar would give Ontario workers and families a total of nine statutory holidays per year, putting the province on par with Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

In addition, although not recognized as a statutory holiday under the Employment Standards Act, the first Monday in August is observed as a civic holiday in many Ontario municipalities.

"I can think of no better way for our government to get to work than by rewarding Ontarians for all their hard work, and for their belief that when we work together, build together and dream together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish."

Premier McGuinty also pledged to continue working hard on behalf of the people of Ontario as his government begins its second mandate.

"We will continue to move forward, together. And moving forward, for our government, means that we must work as hard, care as deeply and dream as vividly as the people we are privileged to represent," he said.

"We live in the greatest province in the most blessed country in the world," said McGuinty. "We have made great progress, together, in the past four years - and we know we have more to do in the next four years."


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Another Holiday... Costing companies in Ontario over 1.6 Billion dollars. Seems fair to me.
October 13, 2007 08:54:44 | Keep up-to-date -->  Subscribe to Comments... | Subscribe to Comments by Email
Canadians deserve another holiday! They're great people with great attitutes towards life. If you meet a Canadian, you'll enjoy their company. Seldom will you find a rotten apple among them. Go Canadians. You deserve it.
October 19, 2007 14:53:06 | Keep up-to-date -->  Subscribe to Comments... | Subscribe to Comments by Email

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