June 23, 2008: Joke | The chief

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Along time ago in a far away place their was a little indian boy. One day the little boy wondered who named all the children in the tribe. So he went to his mother and asked, “Mother, who names all the people in the tribe?” And the mother replied, “the Great Chief of our tribe names everyone in our clan”.

“So the boy went to the Great Chief and asked, Oh Great Chief, how do you name everyone in our tribe?”. The Great Chief looked at the small boy and said in a very wise and mature voice, “My little warrior you ask a good question and I shall answer it.”

“You see, when our tribe is blessed with a new baby I walk outside of my teepee and the first thing I see is what I name the new child.” “If I see snow gently falling I say, your name will be snow gently falling. If I see an eagle in the sky I say, your name will be eagle in the sky. But tell me two dogs f*cking why are you so curious?”

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