June 21, 2008: Joke | Giant mansion

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A man is driving out in the middle of the woods during a rainstorm. His car breaks down, and the inly
house around is a giant mansion on top of a hill, so he goes up and knocks on the door. A little chinese
man answers the door,and asks if everything is ok. The man describes his problem, but the chineseman
says the phone lines are down, but he is welcome to stay until morning, but only under 1 condition, he
can’t sleep with the chinese man’s daughter.

The guy thinks, no problem, how hard could it be? He walks in, and immediately, all he can think about is
sex, because this girl is so beautiful. She def likes him and starts flirting right away. That night the
chinese man walks him to his room, just accross the hall from his daughter’s room. He reminds him
again to stay away from his daughter, or he will inflict the 3 ancient chinese tortures on him.

Of course, the man thinks nothing of these “tortures” and goes into the daughter’s bedroom to find her
naked, waiting for him. It is the greatest day of his life! So, afte they are done, he sneeks back in to his
room and goes to sleep.

He wakes up the next morning, and there is a 100 lbs boulder on his chest with a sticky note attached to
it. The sticky note reads, “ancient chinese torture #1 - Boulder on chest”

He laughs at how dumb this chinese thing was, so he carries the boulder over to the window, and
throws it out, off of the third floor. While the boulder is falling, he looks to his left, and on the window
sill is another sticky note. This one reads, “Ancient Chinese Torture #2 - Left testicle tied to boulder”

He freaks out, and immediately jumps out the window, happier to break his legs than lose a nut.
While he is falling, he finds another sticky note floating down next to him on the string from the
boulder to his nut. This one reads,

“Ancient Chinese Torture #3 - Right testicle tied to bed post”

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