April 26, 2009: Canadian World of Warcraft gaming account retailer

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If you are a Warcraft gaming enthusiast like a friend of mine, you might be interested in taking a look at the website with over 11 million paying subscribers.  He has been incredibly happy about his purchase and wanted me to share a little about Wow opportunities out there.  These characters are highly valued by World of Warcraft players and are worth real world dollars.

The bonus to purchasing or selling WoW accounts is that they guarantee a secure transaction and a legitimate service. When selling a WoW account your payment is guaranteed to be paid within 24 hours, when buying a WoW account your order will be delivered instantly via email. This guaranteed and secure service has been invaluable for many hard-core World of Warcraft gamers. If you are a World of Warcraft gamer we highly recommend visiting for all of your gaming needs! offers secure transactions for players to buy and sell World of Warcraft accounts. have a live phone support that you can call 7 days a week.  They are a Canadian company and their office is located in Calgary. To get your cheap wow accounts, please visit their website and support the Canadian company. If you have any questions you can reach them by calling 1-866-519-1188.


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