November 04, 2012: Calgary's new social network

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Calgary is a booming town and Canada’s fastest growing region. Best known for its flourishing oil and gas industry, Calgary has parlayed this success into a thriving business environment for many other sectors, including spin-off manufacturing companies, high tech start-ups and groundbreaking R&D centers. Calgary’s endless advantages include the fastest growing economy in Canada, a position in the top five cities in the world to live in, the highest personal income in Canada, the lowest tax rates in the country and one of the highest purchasing powers and lowest costs of living in North America.

A new social platform has been dedicated to Calgarians to share experiences, write business reviews, blogs, photos, and much more.  This new website is called and open to all Calgary residents and surrounding areas.  Sign up is relatively easy and painless.  I would strongly encourage all Calgarians to sign up and help this initiative and build a stronger advanced community.

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